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Mysolar ALTRA Series with high efficiency 182*91mm cells, perc mono panels, mainstream solar panels for 2022. 
Up to 21.30% panel efficiency. Mysolar Altra MS415M-HA 415W, MS460M-HA 460W, MS505M-HA 505W, MS500M-HA 500W, MS540M-HA 540W, MS545M-HA 545W, MS550M-HA 550W solar modules are composed of 182*91mm high efficiency solar cells. 

Mysolar PLATI Series with high efficiency 166*83mm cells, perc mono panels, mainstream solar panels for 2020.
Mysolar PLATI Series high-effiency solar panels with 120 Perc mono half-cell 166*83mm and 144 Perc Mono half-cell, 9 Busbar

Mysolar M120 360-375W, Mysolar M144 430-445W
Up to 20.20% panel efficiency. Mysolar PLATI series solar modules have higher power output and save more BOS. The main models with 166x83mm solar cells include MS360M-HP 360W, MS365M-HP 365W, MS370M-HP 370W, MS430M-HP 430W, MS435M-HP 435W, HS440M-HP 440W, MS445M-HP

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