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Mysolar HJT 730W and N-type 700W modules Will hit the 2024 Canton Fair April edition in Guangzhou China

Mar 17, 2024

Mysolar HJT 720W and N-type 700W modules are in mass production

Mysolar Booth No.: Hall 15.3 B38-39, Guangzhou, China

As one of the global leading solar panel suppliers, Mysolar will bring with it competitive technical innovations for long-term energy supply and a strong commitment to supporting world carbon neutrality and energy independence.

Mysolar Exhibition Highlights

1. HJT 720W Bifacial Mono Module: HJT(Heterojunction technology) cells combined the advantages of c-si and thin film technologies, with excellent light absorption and passivation effects, super efficiency, and power output. It increases conversion efficiency and power output to the highest level. The natural bifacial symmetrical structure of HJT cells can effectively improve the power generation capacity on the module’s backside.

Super high efficiency, up to 23.18%
Less Micro-crack risks
Much higher bi-facility (up to 95%)
Less annual degradation: 1% for the first year, 0.25% from the 2nd year
Lower temperature co-efficient: -0.26%/℃, generating up to 3.5% more electricity
The longest warranty: 30 years limited product warranty plus 30 years linear performance warranty (at 91.75% of the nominal power output in the 30th year)

2. TopCon700W dual-glass bifacial Module

3. Topcon 610W dual-glass bifacial module
4. Topcon 445W dual-glass bifacial modules

If you may have interest in the robot cleaner for solar modules, visit Mamibot's booth at Hall 2.2 K34-36, L13-15 for the SOLARWALKER S1.

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