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Sep 6, 2022

Does UK have energy problem in the next 3-5 years

September 6, 2022

When I was young, I have a marvelous dream, that is one day I will go travel around the world. I made a list of cities which I heard or I read on Newspaper, books and TV. Of course, London, the capital city of United Kingdom must be on my list. Until I read the famous novel, Oliver Twist. The work is set in the foggy London, and tells the tragic life experience of orphan who went through an apprenticeship, went through countless hardships, and finally found happiness with the help of kind people. At that time, I thought London was a " foggy city", and I said, I wouldn't go to this place because I like cities with fresh air and beautiful surroundings.

As a volunteer dedicated to a clean and sustainable world, I have been following the state of the environment in London and across the UK. I believe that clean energy will improve London's urban ills. Among clean energy sources, I recommend solar photovoltaic. Although the efficiency of solar panels is higher on sunny days, they do not need direct sunlight to work as in a photovoltaic module, the battery array is like a receiver. In the case of light, whether it is sunlight or light produced by other luminous bodies, the battery absorbs light energy, and the accumulation of different charges occurs at both ends of the battery, that is, the "photogenerated volt effect". So, solar panels can also produce a considerable amount of electricity on cloudy days and during the winter season. In fact, the existence of a large number of photovoltaic panels in the UK to generate electricity is the best proof. Solar panels are very efficient in the UK.

Though, there is no foggy days in London, we trust solar energy can be an very affordable and reliable energy source for the UK people today.

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