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Photovoltaic modules surprise "patches"---What is the hell?

Nov 30, 2022

Defects from any small part on solar panels matters

Photovoltaic modules surprise "patches"---What is the hell?

Recently, an owner of a photovoltaic project in Jiangsu found that a strange kind of dust that looks like "patches" appeared on the photovoltaic modules of their own project, and the shape of the dust completely corresponds to the battery cells, and the adhesion is too strong and difficult for workers to remove it even with a scraper.

According to the photos and videos provided by the owner, the author consulted relevant photovoltaic modules and battery technical experts. An anonymous technical expert said: This strange phenomenon should be due to the mixed packaging of cells of different quality and power, which caused the temperature of some certain cells to rise. And the EVA film of the heating cells has melted, resulting in a serious hot spot effect, and the attached dust is solidified on its surface, then such a strange phenomenon occurs. The expert suggested replacing the strange panels in time, or else it will not only affect the power generation efficiency of the modules but very possibly will cause a fire risk.

The most direct hazard of the hot spot effect is to affect the lifetime of the module. And Long-term use of these hot-spot modules will destroy the EVA, glass film, and backsheet of the modules, which will affect more severe endanger to the entire module system.

To make a conclusion, the direct cause of the owner's loss in this incident was the purchase and installation of fake and inferior components, such as mixing and lax packaging, and cracks are common among inferior components. The consequence is that the power station owners not only cannot enjoy the power generation benefits of photovoltaic projects but also suffer the loss of life and property.

How to avoid being "pitted" by fake and inferior components‘ modules?

First of all, owners should keep their eyes open when deciding to purchase solar modules. Mysolar, as a premium USA solar panel brand, uses top-tier components and all our panels are with complete certification and testing.

In addition, although many counterfeit and shoddy photovoltaic modules seem to be attractive in terms of price, however, the investment return period of photovoltaics is not short. Mysolar gives 25-30 years product and linear performance warranty with reasonable price and better quality to make sure your investments are safe and profitable in the long run. One component's failure may cause the whole system severe damage and that's why Mysolar insists on the mission to only provide truly grade-A quality modules, and always welcome clients and partners who share the same belief with us: Stream flows slow, quality makes the value.

Mysolar is a premium solar panel brand owned by Mamibot Manufacturing USA Inc.
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