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Mysolar HJT and N-type modules Shine at INTERSOLAR EUROPE 2023 together with Mamibot SolarWalker S1 robot cleaner

Jun 19, 2023

Mysolar HJT and N-type modules Shine at INTERSOLAR EUROPE 2023 together with Mamibot SolarWalker S1 robot cleaner

On June 14, Intersolar Europe 2023 was grandly held in Munich, Germany. As Europe's largest and most influential platform for the energy industry,2469 exhibitors from 57 countries in the global clean energy sector showcased products and solutions, and more than 106,000 visitors from 166 countries made their way to Munich to be part of the event this year. On three full exhibition days, Mysolar showcased a range of star products from the ALTRA and GOLD Series, attracting an endless stream of visitors. Mysolar’s ALTRA and GOLD Series products integrate high efficiency, high-power, and reliable performance. and contribute to the global economy's acceleration towards low-carbon sustainable development.

To meet the diverse requirement of European customers, Mysolar showcased the latest five start products ALTRA Series 430W N-type Topcon Mono-facial/Bi-facial, GOLD Series 425W Shingled full black, and the highly anticipated 635W/700W N-type HJT Bifacial panels.

Mysolar Exhibition Highlights
Mysolar GOLD Series 635W/700W N-type Bifacial HJT Solar Panels

HJT(Heterojunction technology) cells combined the advantages of c-si and thin film technologies, which is one of the newest technologies in the consumer solar panels market. Mysolar's self-developed high-efficiency GOLD Series N-type HJT solar panels MS635NB-HJTGB and MS700N-HJTGB are lighter, stronger, and more energy-efficient, with low degradation, low-temperature co-efficiency, low BOS cost, and low LOCE.

Super high efficiency of solar modules, up to 22.86%
Saving a big amount of money on Bos: up to 10%
Delivering up to 10% more power output
Less annual degradation: only 1% for the first year, and 0.25% from the 2nd year
Lower temperature co-efficient: -0.26%/℃, which means HJT panels generate up to 3.5% more electricity than general mono-perc panels.
No LID effect, as the N-type wafer does not have a B-O bond.
A much better low-light output that contributes a 1% more power gain.
Less Micro-crack risks as the processing temperature of HJT cells is lower than 250℃
Much higher bi-facility (up to 95%) on HJT cells compared to mono perc cells, which means HJT bifacial panels can generate 3.5-6% more power per watt than N-type/PERC bifacial.
Bifacial HJT panels can have 7-13% more yield than mono facial perc panels and 3.5-6% more yield than bifacial mono perc panels.
The longest warranty: 30 years limited product warranty plus 30 years linear performance warranty (@91.75% of the nominal power output in the 30th year)
Excellent performance guarantees Mysolar’s N-type Bifacial HJT panels are more efficient and competitive in many ways. HJT cells are also applicable to Shingled Technology.

Mysolar GOLD Series 425W full black Shingled panels

Despite the market always targeting larger output power and higher efficiency for years, Mysolar shingled 425w maintaining one of the most hot-selling items. With its athletic appearance and flexible size, it stands out among all others, from price-competitive conventional panels to HJT bifacial panels for lower LCOE, especially for roof installation.

*Higher Efficiency: up to 21.6%
*Much Lower Bos: saves up to 9.7%
*More electricity gain: up to 1.08%
*Less Micro-crack risks
*Better hot-spot resistance
*Better PID performance and Lower LID
*Low-Temperature Production Procedure
*Longer Warranty with less degradation
*Elegant and attractive design for installations
*More Flexible and stronger mechanical performance
Mysolar Shingled panels are suitable for both residential and big commercial solar systems.

Mysolar ALTRA Series 430W N-type Topcon solar panels

To meet the needs of residential roofs and industrial and commercial roofs in the European local market, Mysolar also exhibited relatively 430W N-type Mono-facial and Bifacial Topcon solar panels. The N-type module efficiency can reach 22.02 % with a 25/30 years warranty. For bifacial panels MS430N-DHBA has up to 85% bifacially, no LID & Better PID Resistant, and generates up to25.5% more energy yield than conventional panels, in the meantime, it uses an all-black module appearance design, which is better integrated with the roof and has a more excellent architectural aesthetic effect. This series combines practicality in high-efficient power generation with aesthetic appeal, making it highly popular among the customer base of European rooftop projects.

Mamibot Professional full-automatic solar panel robot cleaner SOLARWALKER S1

The full-automatic SOLARWALKER S1 was a newly launched professional industrial robot for solar panel cleaning features:
Up to 1.2MW cleaning efficiency per day (8 hours)
Replaceable battery pack of 4 hours continuous running time on one charge
App and remote controllable
Dry and wet cleaning combined
Compatible with 90% types of solar modules on the market
Anti-falling edge-detection
Full-Automatic, one person can control up to 20 machines
OTA upgrading available

During the exhibition, Mysolar Teams fully shows the brand value and the company’s high-quality services notion, They provided a comprehensive explanation to customers about the advanced HJT solar panel product, the cutting-edge technology, and the excellent performance of HJT solar panels. They shared the latest technological innovation, market information, and product plan. and explore more flexible and efficient business cooperation models with customers, industry experts, and visitors. With high-efficiency, reliable products and high-quality services bringing customers a bountiful harvest and a deep impression of the Mysolar brand, Many customers showed great interest in establishing long-term business cooperation with Mysolar and striving to establish a symbiotic and win-win ecosystem.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”, a call from Charles Dicken's fiction The Tale of Two Cities. In the era of a low-carbon economy, Nowadays, global photovoltaics have officially entered the era of Terawatts. In the future, Mysolar will always strive to develop more high-efficiency, reliable photovoltaic products with technological innovation, and actively explore various possibilities for building a low-carbon society.

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