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Mamibot Mysolar succeeded in SNEC PV EXPO2020 in Shanghai.

Aug 8, 2020

Mamibot Mysolar succeeded in SNEC PV EXPO2020 in Shanghai.

Mamibot Mysolar obtained more interest and order intentions from market at 14th Shanghai SNEC PV Expo on Aug 8th -10th, with its newly launched M6 166*83 solar cell panels which can deliver 435W, 440W, 445W power in both general PERC mono and bifacial conditions.

The SNEC 2020 is destined to be extraordinary in Solar Panel Exhibition history. Due to the COVID-19, almost all exhibitions canceled, while Shanghai SNEC succeed in hosting worldwide Industry suppliers & clients, authoritative experts & leaders, who gathered in Shanghai to discuss photovoltaic industry development and energy transformation strategies.

"Although European clients are on holiday now, they still keep key eyes on Shanghai SNEC, and show pretty big interest to have video call with us to see the live-broadcasting of the exhibition." Said the Mysolar sales manager, “clients and partners’ trust and enthusiasm bring us more confidence and sense of responsibility to provide high-end quality and affordable Mysolar high efficiency solar panels.”

Not surprisingly, Mysolar newly launched M6 166*83 solar cell, Mysolar PLATI series solar modules aroused full attention from new clients and regular clients’ co-workers in China, who are eager to discuss about their new coming plants in needs of the power of this 440W panels . “Our PLATI series are already under massive production and we’ve been receiving quite a lot of orders from market,” Said the sales director of Mysolar USA. Best sellers are: PLATI Series, MS370M-HP 370W MONO PERC; MS440M-HP 440W MONO PERC; MS370M-DHBP 370W MONO PERC BIFACIAL; MS440M-DHBP 440W MONO PERC BIFACIAL FLAMELESS.

Reducing cost and increasing efficiency is the constant proposition of the industry. Mysolar USA has always been committed to providing global customers with high-efficiency, high-quality, and high-reliability component products. We always aim at customer value and will continue to improve products through technological innovation, Performance, improve equipment compatibility, and continue to promote the application of photovoltaic products in all scenarios, giving the global photovoltaic industry a strong empowerment for the full realization of parity online.

There was one bad news after the SNEC show, that the biggest provider of silicon/cells TongWei announced one more time price increasing in solar cells (from originally 0.78CNY/WP to 0.97CNY/WP in less than 20 days), together with the increased cells cost, other materials suppliers increased costs too, including glass, frames, EVA, backsheet, and so on; Most solar module manufacturers have to increase their price 15% to 25%. However Mysolar has a good news that Mysolar would only increase 5-10% price, comparing with their offer in the last week of July.

Mamibot Mysolar always treasure long-term strategic partners who have the same version with us in respect of high quality, Grade A level, Super Service and valuable brand. Stream flows long, quality makes value!

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