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Mysolar is offering the latest SHINGLED technology solar panels, ranges from 390W to 650W. Mysolar Shingled solar modules have advantages including:
Higher Power output: up to 650W
Higher Efficiency: up to 21.4%
Much Lower Bos: saves up to 9.7%
More electricity gain: up to 1.08%
Less Micro-crack risks
Better hot-spot resistance
Better PID performance and Lower LID
Low Temperature Production procedure
Longer Warranty with less degradation
Elegant and attractive design for installations
More Flexible and stronger mechanical performance

Mysolar SUPO Series with high efficiency 158.75*158.75mm cells, SHINGLED panels, mainstream solar panels for 2021.
Mysolar SUPO Series high-effiency SHINGLED technology solar panels, 390W, 395W, 400W, 465W, 470W, 475W

Mysolar GOLD Series high-efficiency SHINGLED technology solar panels powered by 210*210mm cells, deliver solar panels with output of  650W, 655W, 660W with efficiency up to 21.5%.
The new generation SHINGLED solar modules provide the most competitive levelized costs of electricity (LCOE) and reduce balance of system (BOS) costs and other costs for solar power plants.