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Mysolar's Shingled Solar Panels are Becoming Increasingly Popular in Poland

Sep 14, 2022

Poland is working its way to the top of the European ranks in photovoltaics, and it will maintain a high rate of power increase in the EU.

In the year 2020, 2635 megawatts (MW) of solar power output was installed in Poland, which put Poland’s PV market in fourth place in Europe;
According to the forecast, the installed power in photovoltaics in 2022 will double its value at the end of 2020, and at the end of 2025, it may reach even 15 GW.

The Polish solar boom is happening at every level – from smaller, privately-owned rooftop PV systems and commercial rooftop systems to large free-standing installations. In addition to the sharp drop in the cost of photovoltaics and growing environmental consciousness, the Polish strong Government supports contribute to the booming Photovoltaics installations there.

Currently, in the Polish photovoltaic market, projects of large-scale PV farms (above 1 MW) have attracted investors' attention. Higher efficiency and better performance panels can always arouse big interest from developers or end-users.

We are pleased to announce that Mysolar has supplied 3.5MW Mysolar Gold Shingled bifacial panels MS670M6-DB69 to our Polish client's solar photovoltaic power generation system; what made us proud most is, end users' feedback to us on their satisfaction with our panels' higher efficiency and better performance, and they told us they are so excited and eager to develop more than more projects will use our shingled bifacial modules.

Quick points about why SHINGLED panels are better than conventional mono perc panels.

Higher Power output: up to 670W with dimension 2384*1303*35mm
Higher Efficiency: up to 21.6%
Much Lower Bos: saves up to 9.7%
More electricity gain: up to 1.08%
30 years warranty, and linear performance 90.75% after 30 years.
Less Micro-crack risks
Better hot-spot resistance
Better PID performance and Lower LID
Low-Temperature Production procedure
Elegant and attractive design for installations
More Flexible and stronger mechanical performance

About Mysolar
Mysolar is a Mamibot company and sub-brand, specialized in designing and manufacturing solar panels with the most state-of-the-art technology and the highest level of craftsmanship. Mysolar is a leading global solar panel/module manufacturer, delivering only premium grade A solar panels to the worldwide market, a solar module factory that offers the longest warranty for its high-efficiency and high-quality solar panels.

Mysolar has a team consisting of the most experienced engineers with more than 15 years in Solar PV manufacturing, the strictest quality control team who has put in averagely more than 10 years in Solar Panel production, the most client-oriented and professional sales team who know the art of providing proper solutions and answers to customers and the most dedicated R&D masters who can bring the latest cost-effective and high-efficient solar modules to the market.

Mysolar produces a truly wide range of high-level solar panels including standard solar modules with both poly and/or mono cells, super-efficient PERC solar panels in both mono and poly crystalline, super cost-effective poly and/or mono solar panels with half cells.

We believe that we are rewriting the history of energy consumption and we are doing our best to build a cleaner and more comfortable world

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